January 2021 – The Brexit Deal is Done. What Next?

January 2021 – The Brexit Deal is Done. What Next?

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After years of uncertainty, speculation and no small amount of trepidation, Britain can now plan for a sovereign future in a global world that is full of opportunity.

As the nation endures another oppressive Coronavirus lockdown, and the rhetoric of Brexit fades, business and industry leaders are already pondering the reality of how we go about enhancing our competitive advantage. This is not about rediscovering historical glories, it is about understanding where the world will be in fifty years and seeking to play a role in making it a better place.

Change brings opportunity for a sovereign state. If the right decisions are made.

Britain leads the world in the service economy, and this jewel in our economic crown should be polished until we can see our faces in it. The current deal is light on this particular sector, so boxing clever and forging new global alliances will be crucial. An attractive regulatory environment could make us a haven for global financiers and the knowledge-driven creative, education and consulting industries may well benefit from an influx of talent from countries for whom the door was previously closed.

We hear about trade deals being done with the likes of Switzerland (£37bn), Japan (£31bn), Iceland & Norway (£26bn), Turkey (£18bn), Singapore (£17bn) and others. Alongside the £660bn deal with the EU, this is just the start of our next chapter. No one really knows what lies ahead, and nobody will give anything to us on a plate, but we have to be cautiously optimistic about our chances.

In uncertain times, great ideas are born. As we write this, smart people are quietly getting on with the issues of addressing the unanswered/able questions, planning for various scenarios and using the lockdown for a period of (sadly enforced) quiet contemplation. Once vaccines have returned us to some semblance of normality and the post-Brexit landscape is clearer, this period may be seen as one of innovation and great idea incubation.

We believe in the potential of this country and are quietly excited to see what comes next.

As recruiters, we want to be able to place talented people into roles where they can spread their wings and fly. While a significant post-Covid economic downturn may await, the unique position of post-Brexit may give us the impetus to achieve an “escape velocity” from the crisis slightly earlier than others. This may not be the case, but we need to feel optimistic.

It is hard to find answers when even the problems are not clear, but that is surely what business leadership is about: dealing with unpredictability. You can plan as much as you want, but when the time comes to act (and it will at some point), you have to have the courage of your convictions and have a great team by your side to make it happen.

Maybe that is why we are surprisingly busy at the moment?

People know that opportunity is born in times of change and they want their share of the growth that is to come. We are always here for a chat if that is your thinking too. You can reach out to us at [email protected]