December 2021 – Our Hope for 2022: After Disruption Comes Renewal

December 2021 – Our Hope for 2022: After Disruption Comes Renewal

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The past 18 months have tested many of us to limits that we didn’t realise existed. Normal life was turned on its head and the constant presence of an invisible enemy has taken its mental and physical toll. It has been tough, but we have pulled through together.

We have all become a little more community-spirited and hopefully a little less selfish. So many of us have questioned our impact on others and many have decided to forge a new path. Optimism and hope for the future are at the front of our minds this festive season.

And our new normality seems to hold a little more promise.

Recruiters have been working so hard to get people back into jobs that they love, with new hybrid working models (3+2 or 2+3) that promise greater job satisfaction and work life balance. Without the pandemic, these strides towards a greater work/life balance would not have been so monumental – out of challenge comes change.

After disruption comes renewal. As clear as day follows night.

At EM Group, we are grateful for the opportunity to support each of our clients as they resume a trajectory of growth. With record levels of filled jobs due to pent-up demand across Finance, Strategy and Business Leadership, we are recruiting both smarter and harder than ever before. As new ways of working sweep through the employment markets like an incoming tide, top executives are enjoying an unprecedented amount of choice. Championing our clients has never been more important.

We have also noticed high volumes of interim roles, particularly in senior finance positions. It may well be that the pandemic working models echo for a while longer in terms of interim and consultancy opportunities. Working from home has been surprisingly productive for many senior finance leaders, but the allure of a permanent role will not diminish.

The global talent market in finance has obviously seen a significant decrease in activity, but as we consult with our clients around their plans for 2022 in Asia, Europe and the UK, it seems that the market is set to explode into life as soon as the pandemic uncertainty is behind us. Zoom and Microsoft Teams have brought global financial professionals closer, but there is nothing like meeting face-to-face over a cocktail in Singapore or having a team-building day dune bashing in Dubai. Those days will come again.

With uncertainty around the emergence of Omicron, it seems that the challenges are still coming, but we move forward in renewed hope of the resilience of those around us, the expertise of our scientists and the compassion of our NHS heroes.

There is every reason to feel optimistic for 2022.

EM Group wishes everyone a relaxing and enjoyable festive break. Stay safe, keep positive and let’s all hope that 2022 will (please) allow the growth and renewal to continue at pace.

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