February 2020 – How Can Phased Search Save Internal Recruiters Time and Money?

February 2020 – How Can Phased Search Save Internal Recruiters Time and Money?

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Saving time and money are right at the top of the internal recruitment priority list.

With a constant stream of incoming requirements from the business, the bar is set high. No one wants to spend money on external agencies and in-house recruiters are expected to do everything themselves. Sadly, that isn’t always possible.

Even great internal recruiters need help sometimes.

The frustrating thing is that it might only be one element of the search that is holding them up and slowing them down. Maybe they do not have the network (or the time) to source a suitable shortlist of candidates in one discipline, they might lack the functional expertise in a certain area to conduct the first round of interviews, or maybe they just don’t know where to begin and need some advice.

They don’t need to engage an external recruiter for a full search (because they can do a lot of it themselves), but it means that their normally efficient desk grinds to a slow crawl. When an internal recruiter wastes time, their employer is wasting money.

While the majority of our time here at EM is spent conducting full searches, we have started to realise that not all our clients need us to do everything for them. Why should an in-house team pay an external partner to compile a shortlist when they can easily do it themselves? We might only step in when it gets to the interview stages (for example).

We call this “Phased Search” and we are starting to partner with increasingly more companies who want to be smarter about how they go about their recruitment.

Phased search is all about running an efficient in-house recruitment desk.

In practice, this means that we might charge 1/3 of the fee for completing a market map or longlist for one client and 1/3 of the fee to conduct interviews for another. All the while, we are getting to know them and putting ourselves in the best position to help in the future.

The hiring company saves 2/3 on what they would have paid otherwise, and they get the best possible result from the search because they are bringing in external expertise where it is really required. They aren’t too proud to ask, and they can sleep at night because they aren’t paying the full cost when they could have been doing some of it themselves.

When companies and recruiters partner in such a way, recruitment seems that little bit more of a team sport. Where a search firm can add value, they will add value. There are no restrictive PSLs that limit the choice of partner, and recruiters actually may win more business because they add genuine value in everything that they do.

In a phased search project, we know that the work we are doing for our clients is meaningful for them and as a result they engage with us that little bit deeper. It makes for an enjoyable working partnership and is something that we are increasingly open to explore with anyone who wants to understand how it might benefit them.

Save up to 2/3 on your recruitment fees AND conduct the best possible search!


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