September 2017 – Interims – the High-level Players of the Gig Economy

September 2017 – Interims – the High-level Players of the Gig Economy

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Top Gigs
There is much discussion about the “gig” economy – short-term jobs or individual contracts ranging from manual work, such as Uber rides, to on-demand web platforms offering global access to resources from accountancy to web development.

But at the highest level of the gig economy are the professional “Interims” whose experience and talent are being used more and more by leading companies looking to scale up to meet peak demand, or to hire for a specific project. Interims have usually held senior roles in large organisations and so are highly experienced, skilled and motivated – but they have made the leap to operate outside of the rigid corporate model.

Flex and Tech
Professional Interims challenge the routine of fixed office hours, long commutes, endless meetings and tough travel schedules, and instead are turning to “on-demand” working patterns that can offer better work life balance, financial reward and control over their destiny. Technology has been the key enabler in their freedom to work more flexibly (refer to our previous article: Working Flexibly – March 2016).

The Right Fit
Finding and hiring a qualify Interim for specific high-level assignments is beyond the normal hiring procedure for the average gig candidate – it is not as straightforward as searching on-demand platforms. For companies, the recruitment process must be tailored to discover the right candidate, to ensure they have the right experience, and are motivated to hit the ground running. And to be the right fit – culture can be everything at the senior-level of big firms.

Connecting the Dots
As demand for high-level Interims gains momentum, recruiters must rise to the challenge to connect the right Interim with the right role. A specialist recruitment firm will be able to find the right candidate from their current database of tried and tested  talent. They will then be able to provide them to the client for a specific project, at the right time and for at a fraction of the cost of a consultancy firm.

Ahead of the Gig Game
EM has been placing senior-level Interims for 25 years, and always has a deep bench of quality candidates to draw from. The idea of a more flexible approach to working is one that EM has championed since before the gig economy was called the gig economy. And for the growing number of corporate blue-chips hiring contract professionals, an experienced recruiter who knows how to connect the dots remains essential. Know your client, know your Interim, know the right fit.