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We believe in transforming attitudes. At EM we offer exciting opportunities to build a successful career. We offer the best training programme in the industry - proven by the awards we've received. Our employees are armed with the abilities, skills and support structure to progress their career, without sacrificing their interests and life outside work. To join EM, please submit your CV.

What can we offer you?

An opportunity to make a difference: whether dealing with clients, candidates or colleagues the implications of each judgment you make will be far reaching

A sense of ownership: all employees share in EM's share option scheme

A sense of purpose: EM's goal is growing profitably towards a flotation, from which share option holders will derive substantial, tax-efficient, financial reward

Career structure: to achieve our goals we progress the best people to exciting and challenging roles, meritocratically

Development: at each step of the way you will receive the training and support necessary to achieve personal success

Pride: being the best in a competitive market and being recognised for it

Great team camaraderie:  Whilst we work hard during the day, we know how to relax and have fun.  We enjoy weekly social events to mark individual successes, and encourage sporting events

Within each of EM's specialist divisions there is a unique culture.  Naturally you'll want to find the best fit for you.  It's clearly dependent upon your work experience to date although personality plays an equally important part.  Teamwork underpins our success and this is enhanced by EM's unique internal broking system that stretches across all divisions.

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